Hempbeer from Amsterdam

Is CBD Ale a hemp beer? Hell yeah, but don’t think that this type of cannabis beer has anything to do with smoking pot. No, not really. The brewer cites a much asked question. “Does it make you feel high?” The answer is no. “Absolutely not. No change.” According to Herbert Capelle, the Amsterdam craft bewer, who pioneered this beer, The Original CBD Ale, is the best of both worlds. This beer was brewed using carefully selected non-TCH hemp from crops that are being cultivated in the Netherlands for hundreds of years. The tall ships which sailed across the word to the Americas and the Far East were equipped with hemp made gear. If hemp can be utilised in hundreds of ways, then why not use it to brew beer with?

“The hemp plant (Cannabis sativa) and the hop plant (Humulus lupulus) are of the same family of plants. This beer is brewed using both hop and hemp, hence the brand name. But it is more of craft beer thing than a typical product intended for the average marihuana smoker, I’d say.” Even so a lot of Herb’s Hopped & Hemped fans will enjoy their beer with a smoke. Which has its limitations. Following license rules you wont find this beer in a so called Amsterdam coffeeshop. But it is locally available for home use in places like craft beers shops and smart shops  were it is an instant hit.

The preferred craft beer versus pot culture proposition is best understood by the omission of logo’s with hemp leaves. But please do pass the Dutchie. The big Champagne style bottle makes it a very special social experience one would share with friends.

No doubt that this new beer refers to the cannabis culture of Amsterdam and its modern myths of Dutch liberal freedom, counter culture and 30 years of decriminalised cannabis policy. But the brewer draws his prime inspiration from the struggle to get the best anti epileptic drug available for his son. In Colorado the Charlotte’s Web project was supported by local cannabis growers and this inspired Herb to find out more about the properties of the cannabis plant. That is how it started.

Herb’s Hopped & Hemped The Original CBD Ale is primarily a craft beer, brewed with English hops and European hemp. Contains no THC or hallucinogenic cannabinoids. You won’t get stoned or high, however you will get drunk if you consume too much of it. Yes after all, this is is real ale! Creating a new tradition in brewing.

Questions? Ask the brewer