Herb’s Hopped & Hemped CBD Ale (Box 6 x 750 ml)


Herb’s Hopped & Hemped ‘The Original CBD Ale is real ale brewed with craftmenship using a selection of malts and flavoured with a blend of English hops and European hemp. Non-THC, Alc 5.5% vol.

Box 6 x 750 ml is our best value product, free delivery to the Netherlands and Germany.

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Herb’s Hopped & Hemped ‘The Original CBD Ale’ 

Box 6 x 750 ml The Original CBD Ale is priced at €59.70. The price per bottle is €9.95 (33.3% discount) when ordering ‘Box 6 x 750 ml’. Free delivery in the Netherlands and Germany.

A single bottle 750 ml CBD Ale costs €16.95 (online price) and can be ordered at several webshops including herbs.amsterdam

Buying CBD Ale at Herb’s

  • Delivery to the Netherlands and Germany, for UK and USA please use the contact form
  • Free delivery for Box 6 x 750
  • Delivery costs of 1, 2 or 3 bottles are €5
  • We will ship your goods as soon as we have received your payment
  • Limited availability
  • Best before 31-03-2019
  • Available payment options are iDEAL, SOFORT, Paypal, Credit Card and internet banking
  • CBD Ale is sold per box for best value and wholesale
  • Please use contact form for questions
Herb's Hopped and Hemped CBD Ale

Herb’s Hopped and Hemped The Original CBD Ale 750 ml

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