Über CBD Ale

Herb’s Hopped & Hemped is het eerste met hennep gebrouwen Nederlandse speciaal bier and  is sold in the Netherlands and Germany by herbs.amsterdam

It is also available in special shops in Amsterdam and Rotterdam.

Hop and Hemp are members of the same family of plants and therefore both can be used to flavour and preserve beer. The original CBD Ale is a genuine non-hallucinogenic cannabis beer, 100% legal. It is an alcoholic beverage brewed with a selection of malts, inspired by English and American pale ales, aromatised with a blend of English hops and European hemp. Bijzonder bier dat met grote zorg ambachtelijk bereid is.

Please contact Herb’s Hopped & Hemped for availability in your area. International trade enquiries are welcome.

Verkrijgbaar in 750 ml flessen.

Herb's Hopped & Hemped CBD bier

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